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  •  Parents and Guardians keep in mind that your student/ or students should be at their consolidated stop 5 minutes before pick up and 5 minutes before the drop off time.
  • Also, the consolidated stops can be up to a 1/2 mile for pre-k to 6 grade and can be up to a mile for 7-12. 
  • A parent needs to be at the stop when picking up and dropping off pre-k and kindergarten student.
  • Remember that students cannot have friends ride with them on the bus home unless authorized by the campus administration or transportation.

Your help with these items listed above are greatly appreciated!

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As we approach a new school year, parents and students let’s be mindful of our school bus rules! Your help in teaching your students to follow the rules on the bus are greatly appreciated in helping this school year be a safe one! Listed above are the rules for riding the school bus to and from school and can be found on every bus!


Transportation Headlines

    Our MISD Transportation Department is made up of over 90 dedicated and professional employees. The years of bus driving experience ranges from zero to 32 years. We are dedicated to the safe transportation of all students to and from school. Our drivers and monitors are often the first and last MISD representative that your students see in a day. It is our goal that all students are greeted with a warm smile. 
    All new bus drivers go through 25 hours of In-District training and 20 hours of training done by the Texas Department of Public Safety. All transportation employees attend monthly safety meetings so that they can obtain the latest information needed to stay on the cutting edge of safely transporting the leaders of the future.  



Liberty Transportation Center: (936) 276-2300

Lone Star Transportation Center: (936) 276-2327

Fax: (936) 276-2301