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Posting Flyers to the Montgomery ISD Website

As a service to Montgomery ISD parents, students, and community, the District provides this space for organizations to post notices regarding special events, programs, and activities designed for school-aged children.

Begin the process by completing the  Request for Flyer Approval Form and email it along with a pdf version of the flyer to communications@misd.org. Flyers must be one page (8 1/2 X 11") and adhere to District Policy (GKDA LOCAL).

Flyers are posted in the order in which they are received.  If you have any questions about the information contained in a flyer, please contact the sponsoring organization.  Do not contact the schools or the District Office.

    Approved Flyers       
 Posted Date  Date  Event
02/15/2017  Consult Flyer  Mobile Math - Math and Science Tutoring 
02/14/2017  02/25/2017 Eddie Eagle Free Safety Course for Kids
02/02/2017  Consult Flyers  Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo  Howdy Rodeo Fans
01/26/2017  Consult Flyer  Texas Rush Recreation Soccer Club 
01/17/2017  Consult Flyer  Montgomery Soccer Club - Spring 2017 Registration 
01/06/2017  Consult Flyer  Conroe YMCA Youth Basketball 
11/08/2016  Consult Flyer  Young Adults Winter Program - Charles B Stewart Library
11/08/2016  Consult Flyer  Children's Winter Program - Charles B Stewart Library 
10/21/2016  Consult Flyer  Sign Gypsies Montgomery 
09/22/2016  Consult Flyer  YMCA After School Care 
09/02/2016  Consult Flyer Be a Scout - Adventure is waiting 
08/31/2016 Consult Flyer  Nemesis Athletics Baseball & Basketball Tryouts